The Process of Exchanging Coolant Fluid

Coolant fluid exchange is essentially the same as any other process of draining a vehicle's fluid and refilling it with fresh, but there are a few nuances. The coolant fluid is the antifreeze in the radiator. In theory, waterworks as a coolant but it can cause a few problems. First, water isn't as stable as antifreeze and isn't as efficient toward cooling the engine. Second, water can freeze, making it expand and rupture radiator parts or coolant lines. Third, water causes corrosion which antifreeze is designed not to do.

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Why Coolant Needs to be Exchanged

Coolant has to be replaced because it breaks down over time. It's constantly heating and cooling, and even though it is designed for that purpose it does eventually begin to break down at the molecular level. Other than that, it can become contaminated as it moves through its course in the engine, it can pick up outside condensation or grind up small bits of gaskets or some of the rubber piping it flows through. If it has ever gotten low, perhaps even before you owned the car if you bought it second hand and wouldn't know this, but it might have been topped off with water as a quick emergency fix, and then it certainly needs to be replaced.

What Happens if Coolant Fluid Isn't Exchanged

In most cases, nothing is going to happen if the coolant fluid is never drained and replaced. The problem is that if it isn't replaced according to schedule and a problem does result, it can be disastrous by causing much worse damage and expensive repairs. For one thing, when a technician checks the fluid they'll know immediately by the coolant level if there might be a leak somewhere. The technician can also expect the coolant after draining it, if it seems more contaminated than usual, or is perhaps the wrong color or otherwise doesn't look right, it indicates another problem which needs to be addressed.

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Coolant fluid exchange is important to have done by an authorized local dealer such as Tom Wood Volkswagen in Indianapolis, IN. Not only do our technicians understand how to conduct the routine properly, but we consider another concern. Antifreeze is a horrible pollutant and has to be disposed of properly. Unfortunately, it smells like a treat to animals who will drink it and become poisoned if they have the chance, such as if it were to be drained on the ground. Our technicians always drain the fluid into an appropriate receptacle and then send it off for proper recycling or disposal as needed. You'll also find our technicians and the entire staff to be friendly and professional, ready to get the job done as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road without further concerns.

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