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Types of VW Oil Changes

Volkswagen Oil Changes in Noblesville, IN

At Tom Wood Volkswagen, we provide oil change services for all Volkswagen models in Noblesville, IN. No matter what Volkswagen car or SUV that you own, rest assured that we provide the exact oil change service type that your vehicle needs.

  • Conventional - also called Regular or Standard, this oil type is the foundation of all engine oils. It is crude oil refined with additives and detergents that make it good for use within modern engines. It is recommended form many older-model Volkswagen and offers attractive value because of its lower relative price versus Synthetics.
  • Synthetic - also called Full-Synthetic, this oil change type is entirely man-made and requires maximum refinement that helps it resist thermal breakdown for longer than conventional. It offers many VW models of attractive value due to its extended change schedule.
  • Diesel - specifically for diesel-engine Volkswagen models, this oil change service is perfect for a diesel Jetta, Golf, Beetle, Passat, or Touareg with TDI engines.

When You Might Need an Oil Change

As engine oil starts losing viscosity due to thermal breakdown, it will begin changing in consistency and color. The change in texture and appearance demonstrates how engine oil is turning into sludge. When engine oil begins forming into a sludgy consistency, it can't lubricate the engine.

If the engine is not lubricated, it can cause secondary problems, such as engine overheating, rapid engine component wear, reduced fuel efficiency, and damages. Here are the most common symptoms related to thermal breakdown of engine oil:

Oil Change Light Icon

Oil change light

Check Engine Light Icon

Check engine light

Engine Sound Icon

Engine sounds louder than usual or has a knocking noise

Dirty Oil Icon

Dirty, dark, or gritty oil

Exhaust Fumes Icon

Black exhaust fumes

Mileage Maintenance Schedule Icon

Mileage beyond the maintenance schedule

What does Oil Change Service Include?

Every oil change at Tom Wood Volkswagen is completed by a certified technician in a state-of-the-art facility that only installs genuine OEM Parts. The old engine oil drains while the certified technician removes the old oil filter. Once removed, the certified technician installs engine oil and a new OEM oil filter according to factory recommendations specific to your Volkswagen model.

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Oil Change Service in Noblesville

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